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  • 1. Dinopark

    The Dinopark is an interesting alternative when you would like to spend one day with children somewhere other than on a beach. The models of dinosaurs are found in a vegetation overgrowth, and a network of wooden 1.5 km long paths leads to them. One part of the amusement park Dinopark is situated in the area of a former stone quarry and has a real prehistoric atmosphere.


  • 2. Glavani Park

    Glavani Park is located at the edge of the peaceful village Glavani, 6 km far from Barban. If you search for an interesting, amusing and pleasant day to be spent in the beautiful setting of Istria, look for nothing else but this adventure for a whole family. In the Glavani Park there is offered the biggest mountain-climbing course in Croatia.


  • 3. Istralandia Aquapark

    The Istralandia Aquapark is an amusement water park, located approximately 5 km from Novigrad towards the inland of Istria. The aquapark was opened in 2014 as the first water park in Istria and covers an area of 80,000 m2, offering a large number of attractions for children and also for adults.


  • 4. Aquacolors Aquapark

    The Aquacolors Aquapark is the largest water park in Croatia, offering a 500 m long lazy river, 3 swimming pools and 4 children’s playgrounds, 12 water slides, 5 restaurants and daily animation. The aquapark is intended for all age categories, and that is why the children’s attractions are dedicated to children and there is a little more adrenaline for adults.

  • 1. The Green Lagoon

    The town of Poreč is the most visited summer resort in Istria, this is why also 5 km away the Green Lagoon beach belongs to the bussiest beaches, especially in its concrete parts, taking turns with the original rocky or little stone terain. But in the sky-blue sea you will certainly not feel crowded.

  • 2. Biondi Beach

    A beautiful beach, visited by lots of people. The beach is located only a very short distance from the picturesque town of Rovinj, and the amazing view of the town is its greatest adavantage. The beach is easily accessible, one part of it is covered with road metal, the other made of concrete, but if you feel like hiding yourself from the sun, you need to bring a beach umbrella.

  • 3. Havajka Beach

    The Havajka Beach nearby the beautiful city of Pula got its name thanks to the tide, it reminds of the famous Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. But the Havajka Beach is only 30 m long and especially young people love waves, therefore there is a very large number of people here during the season. If you do not mind crowds, you can bring your family here without any worries.

  • 4. Bijeca Beach

    A long sandy beach in the little town of Medulin offers everything you could wish for during your summer holiday. Here you can find a gradual entry to the sea, shade of pine trees and also extensive areas in the sun. For a fee you can use several sports grounds or rent a sunbed or beach umbrella. If you have had enough of salty water already, you can have a bath in a swimming pool. The littest ones will certainly appreciate an amusing water slide.

  • 1. Cycling Tourism

    When do people go cycling to Croatia? The ideal time is spring and before summer! During summer, in the hot weather and crowds of tourists with every step you take, your steps will more probably lead you to lazing on the beach. In the springtime and before the season starts, pleasant weather, streets and roads without crowds, simply an ideal opportunity for active rest awaits you. So do not hesitate, pack your luggage and come to Istria with us.

    The ‘most cycled’ part of Croatia is Istria, especially inland, because there are paths around all of the local summer resorts. Nowadays there are approximately 60 cycling routes coming to a total length of more than 2,600 km. Cycling routes keep being built and more lead across the countryside than on roads. The ‘Istra Bike’ cycle publication contains plans, altitude above sea level, distances between individual points of the cycling route and a short description of the cycling route. Prospects are available in the local tourist associations named ‘turistická zajednica’.




  • 1. Premantura

    The little town of Premantura can be found 15 minutes away from Pula. It has a lovely seaside character and especially offers the atmosphere of small cafes and family-run businesses. Local houses are built in a very alike architectural style, and this is why they create a compact hue similar to Italian villages. In a short distance from the town you can also find a nice coast with low white cliffs.

  • 2. Church of St. Euphemia

    The romantic town on the western coast of Istria is a popular trip destination both for the guests and locals. The Church of St. Euphemia, dominating the town, aquarium and ancient-looking Istrian streets put the finishing touches to the romantic atmosphere of the town. Rovinj is proudly called ‘Little Venice‘ by the local people, as the historical centre of the town is a peninsula and the houses are built straight by the sea.

  • 3. Triumphant Arch of the Sergii

    The former city walls of Pula were destroyed in the 19th century. The only part of the city walls, that they have been able to preserve, is the triumphant arch, that used to serve as an entrance gate to the city of Pula. The site was built in the Corinthian architectural style. The Sergii family had the arch built as they were the administrators of the property and gradually worked on its development.

  • 4. Amphiteatre or Colosseum in Pula

    The Roman amphiteatre is the sixth largest in the world. They started to build it in the 1st century AD under the reign of Ceasar Augustus. It is one of the best preserved sites of its kind. The Colosseum in Pula was built near the port and this is why it offers you an amazing view of the sea. Originally it was used for gladiator and knight fights. During the times of its grandest glory 23,000 onlookers could find a place inside.

  • 5. The Euphrasian Basilica

    The masterpiece of the Byzantine sacral building from the 6th century, thanks to its outstanding art value and its meaning in the historical context, was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The Basilica of St. Euphrasius in Poreč is the best preserved historical site early Byzantine architecture in the eastern Mediterranean region and one of the most valued sacral complexes from the 6th century in Europe.

  • 1. Lima Bay

    Lima Bay is narrow, goes deep into the land extended bay on the western coast of Istria, between the towns of Vrsar and Rovinj. The gulf of Lima was formed by flooding a part of a karstic valley. From the geomorphology point of view, it is not a fjord, although the gulf of Lima is often called like that. It extends more than 10 km into the coast, and on both sides is lined by steep rocks, that are more than 100 m high. The Romuald’s Cave, named after St. Romuald, the founder of the Benedictine Monastery of St. Michael not far from the Lima Bay, can be also found here. The bay is a popular stop point of cruise lines and is also known by the fact that it was the location where the famous movie Winnetou was filmed.

  • 2. Cape Kamenjak

    In the narrowest point of Istria, there is located the Kamenjak Peninsula, a protected area well-known for its rocky beaches and crystal clear water perfect for snorkeling. On the peninsula also less demanding cyclists can explore and choose what wonders thwy care to see, as they can use the cycling route ‘from a square to a square’ that follows the track Medulin – Pomer – Pješčana uvala – Banjole – Premantura. Cycling routes often line the coast and offer unique views to people like us. The surface of the paths consists mainly of road metal, so you should have in mind that you will return from your ride more probably covered with dust than muddy. The routes have mostly level character.


  • 3. Brijuni National Park

    Luxury, but also untouched nature. All this you can find in Brijuni, that is unusually located on a group of smaller islands close to Pula. Golf resorts, a beautiful coast, cycling routes, opportunities for swimming and besides all that having contact with the oldest villages. That is to say during the first settlement, dinosaur tracks were found there.

The resort is located in the Croatian summer resort of Medulin on the Istrian peninsula, that is a sougth-after place for summer rest. The fresh sea air, crystal clear sea and pleasant climate are the guarantees of relaxation and ease.

The resort offering deluxe furnished and fully equipped apartments for families with children or groups of friends stretches from  50 to 230 m from the sea. Apartments of the Plavo Nebo Istra Resort are located only 1 km from one of the most known sandy beaches in Istria that is also suitable for the littlest of holiday-makers.

Medulin lies in the southern part of Istria and besides bathing it offers many sports opportunities, like for example perfectly designed cycling routes, bicycle rentals, a diving centre, night yoga excercises on-surf and more. Within a close distance lies Pula city, that is known for its Amphiteatre also known as Pula Arena or Pula Colosseum and other sites from even Roman times.

In case of interest, we are happy to give you advice on more opportunities for trips, both individal and organized.

The unique location of our apartments will provide you with maximum rest as well as opportunities for relaxation and fun.

PULA 10 KM Harbour city known for its sites from the Roman Empire and shipyards in Uljanik. ROVINJ 47 KM Romantic town called ‘Little Venice‘, as the houses are build straight by the sea. POREČ 65 KM Historical town with sites inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List. OPATIJA 106 KM Town of cultural events with the atmosphere reminiscent of Austro-Hungarian Empire.